Image by Federico Respini

About C.F. Skyline City 1892

Club De Futbol Skyline City was created by Joel Ramirez. 

Joel currently serves in the Army National Guard, Works locally in Frederick and a father of two young boys; He plans to bring a great Soccer Program & a Multi-Sport Company to the area of Walkersville and Frederick County with the game of soccer. 

C.F. Skyline City is trying to build not just a team but a family within our community with soccer by bringing a Men's and Womens Team to compete in a high level. With the aim of eventually bringing Youth.

CF Skyline City the name itself came from many reasons. It's about unity, our mottos of “Unite and Believe” & " The Sky is the limit" where we will continue to unite the community behind this team and sports. Have ALL players believe they can play in those high levels. Even at a young age.

Frederick is known for its “ Clustered Spires “, beautiful mountains with those sunset “ Skyline “ views. In Frederick we have a mixture of huge entrepreneurs walking the same streets trying to chase a dream, Here in Frederick the Sky's the limit.

" 1892 " - When Walkersville was founded and represents " Home " to Our Owner and Families in our community.

Gold- The colors of Walkersville Lions 

Green - Represents the beautiful land of Frederick

Brown - Represents the Frederick Mountains 

"Unite and Believe; The Sky is the limit"